Towbars to Electric Brakes

Towbar Discounts offers one of the largest range of specialty automotive fitting services in Canberra and Brisbane Region.

Standard & Heavy Duty Tow Bars

Offering the full suite of towbar supply and fit services including postage Australia wide.

Towbar Discounts supplies a large range of towbars for most makes and models of cars including but not limited to Audi, BMW, Dodge, Ford, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Great Wall, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagon and Volvo.  Towbar Discounts supplies and fits everything you need, leaving your cars electronics uninterrupted, and everything functioning at optimum levels. We have a large range of both heavy duty and standard duty towbars, with both bolt up and removable square hitch tongues.

Towbar Discounts’ towbars are back with a lifetime manufacture’s warranty. We will also come to you, removing the hassle of trying to drop your car off for the day and organising lifts or taxi’s. If you are located outside of our “fitting areas”, Towbar Discounts can also supply towbars and accessories Australia Wide

Bike Racks

Save yourself the hassle of dismantling your bike by having a bike rack installed.

Towbar Discounts Canberra has 2, 3 and 4 bike carriers. We can supply them onsite and install the rack at the same time as installing your towbar.

Nudge Bars

A nudge bar acts as great additional protection against minor accidents and collisions.

Towbar Discounts supplies and fits Australia’s leading range of nudge bars for your car, SUV, Ute or 4WD. We have a full range and can tailor a package to best suit your needs and budget.

LED Light Bars & Spotlights

When standard high beams just aren't gonna cut it.

Towbar Discounts can supply and fit a full range of LED Light Bars.
Light up the Road with the latest LED Light Bars, can be mounted to the Nudge Bars or Bull Bars as well as Light Brackets.  Towbar Discounts will install the lighting and wiring system including relays, wiring harness and in the dashboard’s switch.

Trailer Re-wiring and Repairs

Trailer repairs ranging from a simple bulb replacement to full re-wiring.

Loaded your trailer up to go to the tip and suddenly realised that your lights are working??? Avoid expensive fines by having Towbar Discounts come to you and fix your trailer. Whether it be a blown globe or a complete re-wire, Towbar Discounts can come to you and expertly fix your trailers wiring with minimal fuss.

Plug In Wiring Harness

Available Australia wide for most makes and models of vehicles.

Towbar Discounts stocks plug in wiring harness for most makes and models. These harness’ simply plug in to your cars existing wiring loom, removing the need to splice wires together for ease of installation.
As with all of Towbar Discounts products these harness can be shipped Australia wide.

Electric Brake Units

Electric Brakes are an essential when planning to tow or carry more than your ordinary type of loads.

Towbar Discounts expertly fits electronic brake units to your vehicle on-site, saving you the hassle of taking your car to an auto electricians for the day and having to organise lifts. Electric brake units are needed when towing larger loads including caravans, car trailers and horse floats. Most cars are rated to an unbraked towing limit of approximately 750kg. Australian road rules requires electric brakes to be installed when towing more than 750kg.

Reverse Cameras & Sensors

Whether it be for peace of mind for your child’s safety, or simply to help squeeze your car into that tight car park, Reverse Cameras and Sensors are a must have item for all cars regardless of their size.

With a number of different reverse camera’s available, Towbar Discounts can cater customer’s preference in installing reverse camera and sensors. Towbar Discounts uses high quality brand such as Safety Dave camera systems, Command Auto and Ashdown Ingram.