Electric Brake Installation in Brisbane

Electric Brake Control Units Installation in Brisbane

If you are planning to tow a vehicle or wish to carry loads beyond the normal capacity, you will need to install electric brakes. At Towbar Discounts, we offer electric brake control units installation in Brisbane so that you can manoeuvre your vehicle efficiently and safely.

Road regulations require the minimum braking system for a trailer depends on the type of trailer, its weight and the weight of the vehicle:

0 – 750 kg loaded weight – no brakes required.
751 – 2000 kg loaded weight – braking on both wheels on at least one axle.
2001– 4500 kg loaded weight – braking on all wheels, and an automatic breakaway system in case the trailer becomes detached from the vehicle. Towbar Discounts has a wide range of Electric Brake Control Unit to suit your vehicle, from hard wired to a bluetooth type Electric Brake Control Unit.


Electric Brakes

Why Choose Our Electric Brake Control Installation Service?

Put your money on our Brisbane electric brake control installation services since

  • Fully qualified auto electricians
  • We supply high-quality electric brake controllers from all brands and models such as Redarc, Tekonsha and Dexter
  • We use minimum 5mm cable for blue wiring and 6mm for power cable applications
  • We can also install ESC or breakaway kit as part of vehicle’s electric brake system

To install or buy an electric brake control unit, get in touch with us now.

We Are the Best Electric Brake Units Suppliers in Brisbane

So, what makes the most trusted electric brake unit suppliers in Brisbane? Well, it is the quality of products that we offer. Besides, we have been fitting and supplying the brake controllers since the ‘90s. So, you have every reason to put your faith in us. We ensure you that our products and installation services will not disappoint you.

When it comes to the installation of the products, we excel due to the expertise that we have, all thanks to our seasoned professionals. They are adept at fitting the electric brake controllers in all types of cars. So, you can rest assured that your vehicle will function optimally whenever you are towing or carrying a load.

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